Charles Sulzer

Mr. Sulzer provides extensive expertise in the areas of procurement, billing, collections and finance. Mr. Sulzer served as the Director of Purchasing for the city of Kenner for over 15 years before joining the Sulzer Group. Prior to overseeing the multi-million dollar budget for the state’s fifth largest city he was a senior vice president of Banker’s Trust.

Mr. Sulzer has hands on experience in procuring goods and services in accordance with the procurement requirements of the State of Louisiana and the Federal Government. In addition, Mr. Sulzer has extensive relationships with local and national contractors for goods and services essential in the recovery effort of the area. Mr. Sulzer is a lifelong resident of the region with deep ties to the metropolitan area who was personally affected by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Sulzer is committed to the rebuilding of the entire region.


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