Maggie Whitsell

Ms. Whitsell graduated from LSU in 2014 with a dual degree in Natural Resource Ecology and Management with a concentration in wetland science and in Forestry with a concentration in ecological restoration. As an undergraduate student, Ms. Whitsell worked in a Forest and Wetland Ecohydrology lab assisting graduate students as well as conducting her own research project. Research projects in that lab focus on learning how hydrologic processes control forest and wetland ecosystems, and how management affects form and function. Through this lab, Ms. Whitsell conducted a research project studying leaf area allometrics and morphometrics in baldcypress in south Louisiana. Ms. Whitsell is second author on a scientific article published in the Canadian Journal of Forest Research, which describes the research and findings from this project. In addition to her experience in Louisiana, Ms. Whitsell participated in a research experience for undergraduates at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University where she conducted an assessment of the recent restoration of Stroubles Creek in Blacksburg, VA using Total Suspended Solids and macroinvertebrate indices.

As a part of the Sulzer Group team, Ms. Whitsell performs site visits with applicants to review and determine eligibility of all damages. Maggie works as a project manager submitting requests for reimbursement through the LAPA website and managing the dissemination of funds from the FEMA Public Assistance grant program. Ms. Whitsell reviews the project worksheets to ensure all eligible expenses are captured in the scope of work. Maggie works with applicants in both Louisiana and New York to ensure all funds are documented efficiently and spent in accordance with the grant documents.

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